Advantages – rent

Advantages rental

PRIMO RS rental system

– Sycon can offer over 7.000 m2 rental flooring.
– Sycon rents out more than 40.000 m2 of floor on a yearly basis.

Products within PRIMO RS rental system:
PRIMO PX flooring system
PRIMO LS level system
PRIMO TS transport system

(see our product page for more detailed information)

Advantages of renting Primo adjustable flooring:
– Extremely user friendly
– Fast setup & dismantling saving wage costs
– Ergonomic (50 x 50 x 4 cm and only 3,7 kg per tile)
– Quick and easy ordering
– Low maintenance costs
– Less depreciation
– Low logistic costs
– Lower need for storage facilities
– Short delivery time (transport within 24 hours after date of order)

Complies to all international standards:
– Suitable for high static & dynamic loads
– Changes in floor layout and cabling after floor has been laid down are easy to accomplish
– Ideal test when considering buying PRIMO PX flooring system